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What is the Sealed System?
The Sealed System is the method by which you can sell items, Crones, or even a character on the Exchange Market to other players. You set the price, and the Exchange Market does the rest. If you wish to use any Special Services on your character, you must seal him or her first.
Here's how to seal items, Crones, and characters :

Sealing Items

  1. 1. Decide the item(s) you would like to seal and sell.
  2. 2. Drag the item(s) into your Exchange Item Inventory, which can be accessed via the icon under your Mall Inventory icon on the right hand side of the in-game interface.
  3. 3. Log into the Exchange Market in the Sell section (here) to view your Sealed List.
  4. 4. You can select the item(s) to register for sale, set your price, and approve the item(s) to be sold.

    1. Quantity restriction:
    2. i) You can seal up to 5 items (slots, thus 250 arrows = 1 slot) use up to 5 slots per seal = one set.
    3. ii) You can use the seal system up to 10 times, thus, you have a total of 10 slots (10 sets) for both your Sealed Items and Registered for Sale Items combined.
    4. iii) You can use 1~3 sets to create one package to register for sale. You have up to 5 slots to register your sets for sale.

  5. 5. When your item is sold, you will receive a message in your account, letting you know that the transaction has been completed and that the appropriate Rohan Points have been deposited into your account.
  6. 6. The purchased item will automatically be deposited into the buyer`s Exchange Inventory, accessible via the Exchange Item Inventory icon on the right side of their screen in-game.
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